The longer I live the more I incorporate the statement, "Accept  the things you cannot change", into my everyday existence. From grief over lost family, friends, and pets, to dealing with people who choose a more destructive lifestyle, to the adventures of caring for a dementia patient, and so much more, this life motto rings true and reminds me that I cannot control everything in this life, very little actually. I also trust that everything happens just as it should. We need to remember and understand that not everything is about us individually. We are all here experiencing our journey, making our own mistakes, accomplishing our own dreams, following our own paths. That includes bumping up against one another at times, but if we keep these mottos in mind as we travel along our way, it may help us to accept the things we cannot change more peacefully and know that all things do happen just as they should. Going with the flow of life like riding the current of a river rather than struggling to swim upstream will make your fabulous journey here way more smooth and less stressful. I am learning to be calm in the face of adversity. We all know how difficult this can be, but nobody ever said life was easy. I call it soul school and what school was ever completely without challenges and the education to move you forward? To me that is why we are here in the first place: to learn lessons, have experiences, and find our way back to the awakening that we are divine limitless beings having human experiences that are meant to live in abundance in all good areas of our lives. How boring would it be to have no adversity or challenge?

Love & gratitude!!

May your journey move swiftly to your abundance!


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That motto definitely rings true. ❤️‍🔥

I like parmesan

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