A quote from Australian wellness expert James Duigan: "If you don't like something, take away its only power: Your attention."

I am guilty. I spend entirely too much time focusing on and thinking about things that I do not like, do not want, or wish were different. Mr. Duigan has it right! If we want things to change in our lives we must stop feeding the negatives with our precious time and attention. We already know that positive breeds positive as negative breeds negative. And one positive thought can certainly outweigh a negative thought. Focusing our attention on the things we do not like or want draws in more of the things we do not like or want. It is simply the Law of Attraction. We must become more aware of the way we think. We wouldn't feed a hungry bear if we didn't want it to come back for more, would we? I wouldn't! How much more important is it to not feed those negative thoughts? I have heard it said that grass grows where you water it....even if it isn't where you truly want it to be. Let us make it a point this week to try to be more aware of the thoughts we put out into the Universe. Put a positive spin on every one you can. Focus on what you want instead of what you dislike, do not want, hate, or wish was different. Like charity, change begins at home in our own hearts and minds. Think positive!! I think positive therefore I am! When in doubt, give it a try. What do you have to lose? No wait! With the positive spin, what do you have to GAIN?!

Much love & gratitude!!


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I totally agree. There is literally nothing to lose by cultivating/practicing a good attitude. ❤️‍🔥
(ok well you might lose a bad attitude but that’s a good thing lol)

Shy Violet

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