Excitement!! Happy Inventory Day!

Excitement!! Happy Inventory Day!

Happy Blog Monday!! I am so excited for this magical day! It is the April 8th, 2024 solar eclipse and, come rain or shine, it is happening. I just know that it is bringing in massive change and magical journeys. I can feel the positive energy and anticipation in the air and I have claimed this day as my Inventory Day: a day to take stock of my blessings. Ground yourself a little extra for the next 72 hours and stay hydrated. Count your blessings. Keep your energy high in a positive direction and set your intentions for your future. Now is the time to claim those manifestations you have been working so hard for. So be it!! I am so ready!! This is the time to release the things and habits in your life that no longer serve you in a positive way. Let them go and watch the magic unfold in your life. Today is the beginning of the best part of your existence. Claim it and never look back! 


Much love & gratitude!!

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Release that which does not serve you, and claim that which does ❤️‍🔥

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