There may be people in this lifetime that we may feel we will actually die without. The thought of anything ever happening to them to take them away, even just moving a distance away, feels devastating. Some may refer to that as a codependent relationship and that may very well be true, but none the less heart wrenching, maybe even more so. BUT.....I am here to attest that no matter how attached you might be to an individual when they must graduate from this earth, there is a way to survive without their physical presence.

My daughter was one of these people to me. She was my sidekick. She was my very bonded soulmate. She was one of my main reasons for existence. She came into this lifetime literally through me. If that's not the ultimate bonding experience, I don't know what is. Now, we did not always get along perfectly. How boring would that be? But we were, what I would refer to as inseparable. My heart would mourn when she wasn't near. She may have felt differently, but I think she felt the same. She and her husband attempted to move out of state a couple of times, but it never seemed to work out for more than a week or two and they would be back home, thankfully. Other people never knew the incredible bond I felt with her. They never knew how I mourned when she was away. It felt as if part of me had been removed. I never wanted to hold her back in life, but I couldn't seem to have a tolerance for her being far off. She was every other beat of my heart. Now she is gone. I think maybe my subconscious knew she would not be here with me for as long as she should have been. She was killed in a car accident four and a half years ago. This event changed my life forever, needless to say. My whole world was turn upside down. I was rocked to my core. My heart was broken, shredded, obliterated. And this brought me on a fabulous journey of awakening and enlightenment. Through her loss, I have researched, learned, grown, and adapted. I now know that I CAN live without her physical presence here, as hard as it may be. I can adapt past things I never believed I could. I am strong. And I now know that she is still with me. Energy does not cease to exist. It just changes form. I find much comfort in knowing that death is not the end. There are signs all around us to prove our loved ones are trying to comfort us. All we have to do is pay attention and believe. We may never truly "get over" the losses of the ones we hold most dear, but it IS possible to adapt to a new way. It is said that grief is just love with no where to go. We should focus on the fact that we were blessed to love someone that much. The kind of love that you mourn for over four and a half years is a true gem. It doesn't come along every day. I treasure our memories and still carry her in my heart everywhere I go. It was all necessary to launch me into my enlightenment. No greater gift have I ever received. Great things can come from the most devastating events. Adaptation will come if you work through your grief, even if it is slow. Trust the process. I'm okay.  You can be too. :) And I must add, that I have lost a lot of people in my lifetime, but, until I lost my daughter, I never really knew what "grief" was. I would just be sad briefly and move forward accepting that change was inevitable. I was so blessed to love in such a way. Always on my mind. Forever in my heart. I am so grateful to have another beautiful angel watching over me.

Much love & gratitude!!

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