Inch Worm

Inch Worm

We live in a world that is moving so fast and is so busy that it seems difficult to find a moment to breathe much less notice the magnificent signs and synchronicities that go on around us everyday. Most of us just blunder through each day trying to make a buck and continue to exist. I am quite sure we miss out on a lot of clues of guidance by being too go, go, go. If we could focus on balancing our life and our time to include peace, quiet, stillness we could potentially harness the ability to trust in these signs we typically never even notice and follow their guidance to more peace and knowledge.

I have a simple example: A couple of days ago I was hard at work at the edge of my yard clearing out overgrowth that I had not found time to clear until then and I remembered that I am supposed to learn to balance work with rest and play. This prompted me to sit down on my swing and close my eyes for a few minutes to relax and breathe. I enjoyed to sounds around me and the smell of the sweet flowers growing on the trees in the field. After a moment, for whatever reason, I happened to glance down at my bare foot as I was sitting indian-style on the free standing porch swing I had out there and had taken off my shoes for a few minutes to rest my feet as well. What did I see but a tiny little inch worm measuring my foot. I laughed to myself wondering if that meant I was going to break my foot or something and was being measured for a cast. It is sad that our minds tend to take us to negative places instead of the positive ones. But as a child growing up the old wives tale was that inch worms were measuring for something new. Later on that evening, long after I had forgotten my little inch worm friend even graced me with it's presence, my sister-in-law and my younger brother dropped by with a gift for hiking shoes!! LOL That little inch worm was a wise and informative friend. He DID measure my foot for something new and it was NOT a cast. And that is just one example of a sign in my life. I am far more open these days to watching out for these signs and synchronicities we are gifted with. I love the mystery behind figuring out the clues. Oh to be able to trust them and learn from them, what trouble and worry might we save ourselves by watching and listening and trusting? We are well guided, encouraged, and supported in this life whether we believe it or not. I am so grateful for any assistance I can get! An inch worm telling me I am getting new shoes is just icing on my cake. Slow down a bit, rest, and play, breathe, smile, enjoy life. Keep an eye open for those signs of guidance and those synchronicities to show you you are headed in the right direction. They are there, trust me. And unlike me in this case, try to focus on the positive.

Much love & gratitude!!

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❤ I’m glad the inchworm measured correctly!

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