Lightworkers Unite!!

Lightworkers Unite!!

There seem to be so many people in the world today that have created this imaginary competition in their own minds, battling to win when there is no real fight. What kind of competition is it to try to win against others who have no clue you are competing with them? It is such a shame to see so many robbing themselves of their blessings this way. Why not take on a real challenge? Why not take on the ultimate challenge? Let us stop competing with our imaginary competitors and let us begin fighting the war again all this darkness!! It is the ultimate battle to fight to conquer the darkness of this world today. There is much work to be done. THIS is the real competition! Stop letting the darkness defeat you and rob you of the blessing that are meant for you. Stand up against the sadness, the depression, the hurt, the disappointments, the frustrations, the loss, the grief....all manor of darkness. Starseeds, lightworkers, earth angels UNITE!! We are at war!! Do not be fooled! Do not be defeated! We are meant to live in happiness and abundance here. Put on your armor and let us go to war against the real competitor. With courage and determination we shall be victorious!!
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I totally agree! 🌞💗

Blue Ridge Werewolf

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