For the past few years I have been working toward the ability to manifest intentionally. I understand that manifestation is something we all do all day every day, but I am trying to be intentional with it and draw in the desires of my heart, the dream life I was put here to live, the soul tribe I am meant to share my time and experiences with. I watch videos and study ways to do this and end up frustrated and sad that I am allegedly unsuccessful. Counterproductive. But you know what? I am pretty sure that all the things that are meant for me (the desires of my heart) are going to show up whether I try so hard to intentionally manifest them or not. I am currently at the point of thinking I am trying TOO hard. I believe I am creating resistance by putting in too much effort. I have read that the key to intentional manifestation is to put the wish out into the Universe and then just let it go and allow the Universe to pull the puzzle pieces together for me. My time should not be spent focusing so hard on it, rather focusing on being grateful and positive in all moments I possibly can. I should be content in my current circumstances and busy caring for and appreciating what I already have. It is a necessity to do so if I ever want to receive more. Why would the Universe want to give me anything more if I am neglecting what I have already been blessed with? Patience, contentment, gratitude, positivity...these are my keys to my magical, abundant future. And let us not forget......BELIEVE! I heard an analogy recently of ordering food in a restaurant, you do not order then go into the kitchen to control every piece of pasta or bread that is used to fulfill the order. You sit waiting and chatting with your friends as your food is made ready for you. Life is quite the same: place your order and go about with things as usual until it shows up. This in mind, I shall try to release my stronghold, realizing my Higher Power has full control and will not let me down!! Of this I am certain!!
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That does make sense! ˚˖𓍢ִ໋🌷͙֒✧˚.🎀༘⋆

remember to stop and pet the roses

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