Manifesting/ Karma

Manifesting/ Karma

When I was a small child, I would dream of things I wanted in my life or wanted to happen to me and it seemed so easily they came to me. My dreams were not big and fancy. I was an innocent child with simple wants. I never really gave it any consideration at the time, but things just came to me and I was so grateful for what I had. At that time I had never heard of the Law of Attraction. I WAS taught in church to "ask, believe, and receive", but they never taught it like the Law does. They never said it is a Universal Law (like the Law of Gravity that you cannot escape) that takes place automatically. Or that you can receive what you ask for if you are full of positivity & gratitude, and you believe it will happen. They never instilled that it is not a choice to attract what you send out into the world like the Law does. Karma is real! It IS the Law of Attraction! You DO get back what you send out into the world! If you spend your life mistreating others and taking advantage of others, you will receive negative in return. Negative breeds negative and positive breeds positive.

Life is easy!! Be kind (even to yourself)! Be considerate! Be grateful! Think positive! Be the best version of you that you can be! Good will come to you! Not to say you won't have to pay off the built up karmic debt you have already, but when it is paid you will flourish! It is all about what you believe. This moment is perfect! Life is good! I am blessed! I am open and in alignment with receiving. I am open to magic and miracles. I am always taken care of and gifted the desires of my heart. Believe it! It's a wonderful life if you choose a wonderful life. Yes, it can be hard at first, to change your usual mindset, but the only thing standing in your way is .....Y O U!

Much love & gratitude!! Have an awesome and blessed week. I know I will!! 


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