Our Logo Design

Our Logo Design

This blog will just be a bit of info about our logo. Bluebells can be seen as a symbol of gratitude and sunflowers can be seen as a symbol of good fortune & positivity.

I am a mother of two and grandmother of three. Three girls that I love so much. They are all smart and beautiful with talents in art, music, and athletics. My late daughter and son-in-law did a great job when they made these special ladies to bless this world. I am very proud!

The basic design of our store logo was created by my middle granddaughter for me. She did a great job and I appreciate her so much. She is currently 14 years old. She is artistic with ambitions to attend SCAD after high school graduation. She is a member of the Senior Beta Club and on the tennis team, all while teaching herself to play keyboard. I could not ask for more. I hope anyone who reads this blog post will drop a comment of encouragement to her below. I will tell you all more about the other two girls in later posts. They all make me so happy and I am so blessed to have them in my life. 

Much love & gratitude!!

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