Our story

Our story

Hi. My name is Kristi. I am the owner of Bluebells & Sunflowers LLC. I want to tell you a little about us. We are a new, exclusively online, drop shipping, print-on-demand store that sells printed tees, hoodies, mugs, and such. We originated due to a series of events (which I won't tell all) that led to my awareness of my spiritual journey.

Back in 2019, I lost my daughter when she was in a car accident that took her life. I thought I could not live without her on this earth, but I have slowly adapted over the years. I am quite sure she is still with me, encouraging me, and pushing me forward, planting creative ideas in my mind. I refer to her now as my own little messiah, as her loss has changed my life and led me to a whole new belief system. Spiritually over organized religion. (I believe there is some truth in all religions. And I am definitely guided by an awesome spirit team!)

I would never have believed that this tragic event would bring me to where I am today. You would not normally think of tragedy as a blessing, but, as I heal and grow, I now know tragedies bring about strong life lessons we needed to learn. Loss can be totally devastating, but if we keep loving and being kind to ourselves, pushing ourselves to heal, and trusting in our "Higher Power" (whatever that might mean for you) to help us evolve and adapt, we will come out on the other side a stronger and better individual. This I now know!

Other events occurred, like me realizing that I am honestly and undoubtedly living a twin flame experience, currently in separation (those who do not know what that is, be glad), but the one event that brought me to the online business is a mother with dementia. Hence the link to donate to the Alzheimer's Association in the slideshow section of the store page. For the caregiver, as dementia progresses you steadily lose the ability to leave your loved one alone while you go to work and earn that glorious paycheck. And here we are today! People gotta eat! The best solution for us, after much research on side hustles, turned out to be BluebellsSunflowersLLC.com. It allows me to be at home with her, work the hours I can, and still get paid so we can eat. (BTW, we are NOT hungry, but thank you for caring enough to wonder ;)) The alternative would mean selling off all that generations of family had worked their whole lives to pay for to afford facility care. This is just not acceptable to me, if there is any way around it. Only time will tell.

So there you have it. Our story is probably a lot like most folks out there. Life can be hard, but if we focus on the positive and be grateful for what we have now miracles can happen. 

Much love & gratitude!! We appreciate the part you play in our success.

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