I was up at 5 AM this morning reflecting upon my past priorities. I flashed back in time to the day many years ago a dear friend of mine "suggested" that I get my priorities straight. At that time my life was a real mess and I absolutely needed to follow that suggestion, but, sadly, I did not for a long time after. As time has passed I have grown and matured to a much better place in life, of course, but it is never a bad idea to take a minute to reflect. There are lessons in there that might need a revisit from time to time. It is easy to let our priorities wander in a direction that might not be the best for us. What are your current priorities? And do you need to tweak those a bit or are you on track? Did you truly learn the lessons of the past or is there more need for focus on what is most important to you and why, or why that may need adjustment? Reflection is a necessary tool in our daily toolkit. Take a minute today to travel back and see what you might have missed. 

Much love & gratitude!!

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