Stay High Vibe!

Stay High Vibe!

It is so easy to want to lower your energic frequency when you "out vibe" people in your life that you really never wanted to lose. It is hard to let go of the ones we love in any situation. But it is important to remember that when we fall out with others and go our separate ways it is because one outgrows the other energetically. The higher vibrational people must remember to keep growing. Do not allow the grief of the loss to pull you backward into a lower vibrational life. We have already graduated that phase and must keep moving forward to the better things that are ahead. If we fall back into old frequencies we may miss out on or block our blessings. We are not meant to remain in one energy always. We are meant to rise and grow. We do not need those lost people in our lives anymore. They were holding us back. They are now on their own journey to rise and grow and we cannot make anyone want to do that. Keep looking forward! Keep rising up! Keep reaching for the stars! If they catch up later, GREAT! If not, well it is their loss not ours. Stay high vibe!
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Low vibrations are dense and feel kind of sticky, like being stuck in a bucket of honey except it ain’t sweet.

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