If you happen to catch a view of the moon tonight, you will see it is in the waning gibbous phase at this time. After the beautiful full moons shine on us it is a bit sad to watch them waning away slowly, but each phase every month gives us better opportunities to take advantage of the moons power. In the waning gibbous phase we should make efforts to release old behavior patterns and habits that might be holding us back from progressing toward our goals. It is always a good time to express extra gratitude and reflect on the lessons we have been learning, and to share those lessons with others who may be in need of a little help. In this phase, reducing negative thinking will assist us in making positive changes we may need to make. Removing negative energy can help free us from burdens. You might find it helpful to burn sage or perform banishing rituals if you feel these are necessary and believe in them. Taking a cleansing bath or using moon water may also be of assistance. Some say bathing with coconut oil is a good way to cleanse out negative energies as well. Whatever your choice, make a conscious effort to reduce the negatives in your world and get ready for the rest and renewal of the third quarter phase coming up on the 30th. Happy journey!!

Much love & gratitude!!

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