Let us give thanks for our youth! When we are young we are so busy trying to grow up that we neglect to realize that our youth is the absolute best time in our lives. We do not have to be the responsible ones that hold everything together at home. We have lots of friends in school and people to hang out with to laugh and play. We have little financial worries as someone else is the one who wins the bread. As youngsters we take it all for granted. Life is so sweet as a kid running around free. If we all knew then what we know now......Yes, let us be grateful for our youth and the continued youth in our hearts as we age. I am here! All is well! Life is good! TY TY TY!!! Above all else, thank you for a youthful mind that retains info and memories without any hesitation!! 

Todays "Blog Monday" was delayed a day due to dementia issues at home. Please support your Alzheimer's community to find ways to prevent and cure the many dementias people suffer with these days. We send out much positive energy to the families of our dementia patients! Hang in there! You got this!

Much love & gratitude!!

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